Cadeinor is one of the best national companies in office chairs.

In 2015, Hugo Caixa, together with Cadeinor, decided to move forward with the creation of Timsteel, since there was a high demand for metal components for metal furniture and, at the time, there weren´t many companies in Portugal specialized in this area.

In 2008, Hugo Caixa decided to proceed with the purchase of the entire capital of Timsteel and stand as the unique Director.

Cadeinor still is a Timsteel’s client.

Cadeinor has developed some new techniques, bases and other products that are focused mainly on the improvement of some of the existing products.

This new techniques are at the technical or formal level… the idea is always to keep expanding their costumers’ horizons.

Cadeinor has presented a new solution and a new sofa called DONNA!

We believe that the contrast between the irreverence of the structure with the elegance of the seat give a renewed impetus to the product.



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