Belone is one of our new clients providing office solutions with a touch of design and unique customer service.

Belone emerges from the desire to offer differentiated and unique solutions to the market. As a project that follows in the footsteps of two generations involved in the office furniture sector, it possesses all the necessary industrial and commercial know-how to connect with customers.

Located in the "Portuguese Venice" of Aveiro, Portugal, Belone represents exclusivity and elegance in choosing the ideal partner for your business. The IRIS collection, the brand's flagship, was designed by Gabriel Teixidó, an industrial designer from Barcelona with over thirty years of experience in his profession, numerous design creations, and important awards to his name, making him one of the most celebrated Spanish designers in the industry.

The famous Spanish designer's primary desire is to make people happy with his designs, and Gabriel Estima chose the homonym to make them happy too.

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